Running Jupyter Notebook

Learn how to run Jupyter Notebook using TensorDock ML

Deploy your Cloud GPU

You can deploy a GPU on our Marketplace to your specific configurations based on cost, RAM, storage, and vCPUs.

Select any TensorML installation (any of the first row in the following image). Note the required amount of disk space required for the installation.

Running Jupyter Notebook

First, SSH into your TensorDock instance. Refer to this tutorial if you do not know how.

Type the following command in your TensorDock instance to run Jupyter Notebook:

$ jupyter notebook --ip=

Now, in your local computer, open your browser of choice and in the URL, enter ip:[port forwarded into 8888]

For example, in this instance, your URL should be

You will notice that a Token is required to access Jupyter Notebook

In your TensorDock instance, you will find the token in the provided URLs (in this example, the third URL has token=XXXXXXX which is the token we want to paste into the Jupyter Notebook in our local browser.

Do not paste the URL that is instructed as it is the wrong IP address, as you should be using the URL from the previous step.

Enter the token into Jupyter Notebook. Success! You have logged into Jupyter Notebook on your TensorDock instance.

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