Running Disco Diffusion on a Linux instance

Disco Diffusion (aka DD) is a clip-guided diffusion model that can generate amazing images from text prompt

Deploy your Cloud GPU

You can deploy a GPU on our Marketplace to your specific configurations based on cost, RAM, storage, and vCPUs.

Select any TensorML PyTorch installation (or TensorML Everything). Note the required amount of disk space required for the installation.

Install dependencies

Create and activate a conda environment (inside Ubuntu) with all the appropriate dependencies.

conda create -n pytorch_110
conda activate pytorch_110

Whenever you restart your computer, or close and open Ubuntu again, you will have to run that second command (conda activate pytorch). Now install the correct version of pytorch:

conda install pytorch==1.10 torchvision torchaudio cudatoolkit==11.1 -c pytorch -c conda-forge

Type y whenever prompted.

Now install some other dependencies:

conda install jupyter pandas requests matplotlib
conda install opencv -c conda-forge

Install Disco Diffusion

You can easily install Disco Diffusion on your TensorDock instance with git clone

$ git clone

Run on Jupyter Notebook

Follow this tutorial to open your Disco Diffusion .ipynb on Jupyter Notebook

Using Disco Diffusion

Congratulations! You have set up Disco Diffusion on your TensorDock instance and it ready to be run.

For examples of how to use, follow any of these tutorials:

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