Customization Overview

Learn how to integrate the storefront with TensorDock's API


The whitelabel uses JWTs with the TensorDock API in order to securely authenticate users. These are stored in the browser via the whitelabelToken cookie.


TensorDock uses Stripe for deposits and payments. To deploy virtual machines, users first deposit funds to their account. This balance is incrementally billed over time depending on their usage of their virtual machines. In our templates, we provide a simple flow on the Account page that uses Stripe payment intents to allow users to deposit funds.

We use Stripe destination charges to ensure that when the customer views their financial statements, they are billed from your organization, not TensorDock. For more information on how this works, please view this guide:

Deploying and Managing VMs

Deployments and VM management settings (such as stopping or deleting a VM) function by using our public API. If you need custom functionality that is not currently offered by our API, please contact us for support.

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