Our Ethos and Commitment

This is the core of who we are.
We're a group of ex-public cloud engineers, here to create the cloud that we couldn't before. The foundation of TensorDock is that we are different. We're a truly developer-focused cloud, here to make life easy.
When we founded TensorDock, we agreed that it's fine if we never become billionaires; one's own wealth doesn't further the progress of humanity unless it used for charitable causes. Instead, we thought that assisting the average developer get more done with less is a much better goal. We can enable thousands of developers to develop solutions for their own domains and communities to actually make the world, a better place.
  • Customers before all. We are here to serve customers. Not get rich.
  • Remember the 14-year-old ML enthusiast. We are here to enable developers to do what they do best cheaper. We want to enable the 14-year-olds of tomorrow to be able to compute cheaply and do things that we couldn't have done.
  • There's always another customer. It's fine if we make mistakes, as long as we did our best and learn from our mistakes. At the same time, there each customer is an individual, not a number. They must be respected and cared for, to the best of our ability.
  • Transparency is key. We will always communicate our own mistakes and be transparent.
  • Engineering always comes first. Salespeople should help engineers create better products and communicate requirements, but we can never become a sales-oriented company.
  • Highly aligned, loosely coupled. This is our favorite quote from the Netflix Culture Deck. If goals are aligned, everyone works well together.
  • Informal. Employees can join meetings late, wear T-shirts, etc. No KPIs. No stress, no deadlines. Because we're empowered by our mission, we've found that everyone already does their best. We purposefully wrote our documentation to contain grammatical errors so that more gets done with less wasted time.
If you'd like to join us, send us an email! We aren't hiring for roles; rather, we're looking for dynamic, smart people who are excellent learners. Compared to big tech companies, we pay less. Way less. But, because you'll be working on something you actually want to work on, you might end up much happier