How to SSH into your instance

This tutorial helps users on the TensorDock Marketplace connect to an instance on Ubuntu through a remote secure shell.

1. Deploy a Cloud GPU

You can deploy a GPU on our Marketplace to your specific configurations based on cost, RAM, storage, and vCPUs. To use SSH, ensure that you have a port forwarded to port 22. To use Ubuntu, select your version for your installation. Note that you will need at least 20 GB disk space.
You need to forward to port 22 for you to be able to SSH into your instance

2. Set up your machine for SSH'ing

To SSH into your server TensorDock auto generates the command line for you.
Use networking section to get neccesary information for SSH
Run the generated command (something like ssh -p 30107 [email protected]) in your operating system's terminal software to access your instance:
  • Windows: Powershell
  • Linux: Terminal
  • MacOS: Terminal
Example for Windows Powershell
Congratulations! You have now SSHed into your server and have access to the power needed for your own usage. At any time, you can quit your connection with the command exit.