Our Story

This is how TensorDock started.

The Original Gangsters

Our story begins in the spring of 2018 with the founding of a web hosting service. Two students in the Greater Boston Area purchase a 10-year-old Dell PowerEdge 2950 III server. They were rather inexperienced, but they realized that the gross costs of web hosting were only around $0.25/website/month, and web hosting services were charging far greater amounts. After growing to three servers, the website hosting service stagnated, and the friends found other side gigs.

Entry Into Storage and GPU Services

In the fall of 2019, the group of part-time students begins providing storage services under a new name, Dash Cloud. They purchase their first GPU, an NVIDIA Tesla V100, for a European GPU marketplace in April of 2020. We subsequently start providing compute for an American GPU marketplace as well, and we start selling dedicated GPU servers to businesses. By the fall of 2020, they have provided inexpensive IT consulting services, rented out cloud GPUs, and sold cloud storage.

GPU Growth

In 2021, with the rise in cryptocurrency mining profitability, Dash Cloud's GPU business grew over 10 times. With the COVID pandemic continuing to disrupt traditional life, the friends were able to devote more time than ever. We assembled our first full-time engineering team in June, fueled by a consultancy service needs. We also added our first "true" industry veteran to the team, an AWS systems administrator.


Realizing that customers desire an easy way to train machine learning models on an hourly basis and not a monthly basis, the group of friends created TensorDock. TensorDock was launched on LowEndTalk in December of 2021. The growth since then has been almost 100% organic.
TensorDock is our developer-facing brand that provides hourly GPUs for end users. It runs on both fully-owned infrastructure from our previous brand, Dash Cloud, and also partnering cloud providers. Because we have our own hardware, our prices can be low, as we can negotiate low rates with upstream suppliers. Because we partner with other cloud providers, we can supply a huge amount of compute. We bring the best of both worlds — cost and scalability — and combine it with our ease-of-use focus.
On the surface, the group of friends today — now with 3 full time software engineers, 3 leaders, and 6 part-time team members — in 2022 looks very different from the two that started the spark four years ago in 2018. Yes, there are different faces — it's not unusual for people to move on and pursue opportunities elsewhere. But what makes us different is that even when people "move on," they still stay close to us. They attend our meetings, hang out with us, help us build new hardware when batches arrive. The culture, the mission, and the dream have never changed. As a team, we remain steadfast in the one mission we were founded on: make infrastructure easy and cheap.

Our Mission

We (the people behind TensorDock) might not be the smartest people. We may not find the cure for cancer, but we think you just might.
We are infrastructure people. We're used to dealing with BIOS updates on servers, comparing GPU models by looking at things as "insignificant" as their MLCC capacitor count. Or looking at what kind of NAND an NVMe SSD runs on. MLC? TLC? QLC? We know so you don't have to.
We're here to enable developers to build whatever you can dream of, on a better, more affordable cloud.