Installation Guide

1. Create your server

Double check:
  • You are not mixing-and-matching RAM
  • You have an integrated graphics card, your motherboard includes a graphics device, OR you have an extra discrete GPU

2. Update BIOS Settings

Hop into the machine's BIOS

Enable Virtualization

Enable IOMMU / Above 4G Decoding and set VGA priority to onboard

3. Install Ubuntu 22.04

Few tips:
  • Make to UNCHECK LVM storage - we want a standard ext4 filesystem; no LVM volumes please!
  • Set the username to "tensordock" and use a complex password
  • DO NOT install 3rd-party drivers

4. Install TensorDock software

Run these commands:
git clone https://github.com/tensordock/marketplace-install.git
cd marketplace-install
sudo bash install.sh
During the process, it'll ask you to confirm to install some packages. Here, respond "Y" for yes.
It will also ask you for your network device. Network devices can be something along the lines of enp4so, eth0, ens1, etc. Please copy and paste the network device information from another open session; it is easy to confuse the number one ("1") with a lowercase L ("l"), for example.

5. Contact your TensorDock account manager

Let us know, and we'll promptly get your machine listed after we verify a few additional things and run some tests!