Reservable Instances

We don't own all of our hardware; to meet customer needs and ensure that there is always enough stock, we partner with other cloud providers who operate from the same data centers as us. We have access to north of 10,000 GPUs spread across ~100 racks operated by partner cloud providers. The following are GPUs that we can source from both our own inventory and partner cloud providers. You need to "reserve" them by emailing us. Then, it typically takes 2-7 days to convert a partner's server into one that our customers like you can deploy onto. Note that we can't guarantee that no other customer will deploy onto the GPU before you. "Reserving" a GPU in this context means that we are adding more GPUs to our overall stock, not that they will only be designated for you.
Essentially, these can be deployed in a short period of time by our partners, but they must be reserved beforehand. Pricing remains the same, and the data centers are the same. You may have slightly different network allocations, e.g. 10 gbit on a partner provider's network instead of 1 gbit on ours, but all other specs should be equivalent. Email us at [email protected] to get started!

Prospective Suppliers

If you know are interested in becoming a partner cloud provider, please email Jonathan at [email protected]. At minimum, you need to have at least 500 GPUs with at least 250 consistently available, network boot for automated OS installations of our host node images on your physical host nodes, proven 99.99% uptime for the past 12 months, and 40 gbit or 100 gbit fiber-based internal networking with the ability to cross-connect to our racks.
Unlike our competitors, we want to ensure that as a supplier, as long as we carefully align our collective goals, you make enough money to grow and expand. We've seen how our competitors underpay suppliers, sometimes at a loss, risking customer data with unsustainable goals. This is something we'll never do. We run our own hardware, so we know how much things cost. We generally pay enough for partner suppliers to make an ROI (without factoring labor costs) in 12-18 months. Given how GPUs depreciate, on paper, in two to three years and how we bring a constant flow of consumption, our suppliers run profitable, stable businesses.
For suppliers that do not have such a large capacity, we also are working on allowing you to become an individual host on our upcoming marketplace. Learn more: https://www.tensordock.com/host